Welcome to Mr. BillFold.

Mr. BillFold is an easy way of managing your account balances. No need to carry your paper checkbook with you everywhere you go. No more trying to remember what you spent during the day. Simply add the transaction, no matter where you are, and you will always know what you have left in the bank. More and more people are getting regular overdraft fees from their banks. Don't give your hard earned money away!

Mr. BillFold doesn't connect to your bank or access your sensitive personal information. Just name each account however you want. Account numbers are not needed and are actually discouraged. Proper use of Mr. BillFold will not put your money at risk. It is simply a tool to replace a paper register. Of course, it does much more than the old paper version. In Mr. BillFold you can add as many accounts as you want. Accessing your balances never needs an internet or network connection. Every one has been in a store and had their phone lose it's signal. Not a problem for Mr. BillFold! The information is always ready and quick, too.

Syncing your accounts between multiple devices is no problem either. Sync the accounts on demand or activate the auto sync feature, for regularly scheduled synchronizing. But where will your records be stored and how much does it cost? Great news! Sync is included at no extra cost! To keep it free and reliable, Dropbox is used. If you don't already have a Dropbox account, then you can get one for FREE. Also, by using Dropbox, your records are kept by you. Nothing is stored on some server that you have no control over. Some apps store you information in unknown locations. Not Mr. BillFold. You are in control of your information.You can even share the synced accounts with others people. Keeping track of the balance in your joint account was never easier!